DIY Gutter Cleaning Tips

Gutter cleaning can be easily accomplished by every homeowner. To those who know how to wash gutters, it’s important to do it carefully. Safety should be your primary concern. To do just that, follow these safety tips. These tips keep you from possible injuries. 

  1. Use a good ladder. 

Find a sturdy four-legged ladder if you have a single-story house. If you own a two-story home, then you might need a stable extension ladder. A lot of people have been injured climbing the roof to clean their gutters. Be sure that you always keep yourself safe.  

  1. Check thestability of theladder.  

Check the ladder to ensure that it’s secure. All its steps should be in the best condition. Test the first few steps to make sure that it’s stable and that it is on the leveled ground. In case the soil is soft, you may place a thick wood under the ladder’s legs, like plywood. 

  1. Rest the ladder on a solid wall. 

Do not put the ladder against your gutter because gutters are not designed to hold so much weight. If you do so, there is a high possibility that the pressure will cause the gutter to collapse, bend, or break. That means you’ll fall and get injured.  

  1. Wear thick gloves. 

Be sure to wear protective gear when working on your gutters. Start with a thick set of gloves to keep your hands safe from dirt, sharp objects, animal waste, and similar hazards. The use of suede or leather gloves is recommended. 

  1. Wear protective eyewear. 

Goggles and similar protective eyewear are highly recommended to avoid debris from getting in your eyes. Wearing eye gear will prevent possible eye injuries. The use of eyewear is critical when removing debris from the gutter because there may be insects that could shot out of the debris and get into your eyes. 

  1. Wear shoes with rubber soles. 

If you must walk on top of the roof, the use of shoes with rubber soles is necessary. Rubber soles are not slippery, which is what you want when you’re walking on a possibly slippery roof. Again, you don’t want to hurt yourself while cleaning your roof.  

  1. Find a spotter. 

The most ideal way to keep your ladder steady is to find someone to hold it while you’re using it. As a precaution, always place on hand and both your legs on the ladder. Use only one hand to do the work. The other limbs should be for balance. 

  1. Use a bucket. 

To make things simpler, use a bucket when cleaning the gutter and attach it to the ladder. Find a way to connect the bucket to the ladder if there’s no stand for it. Some people use a lanyard. Anything that will keep the bucket in place will do.  

  1. Use a gutter scoop. 

Even if you’re wearing a pair of gloves, the use of a gutter scoop will further protect your hands and will make the job a lot faster. If you want more tips on how to clean the gutter, simply hire the experts who provide superior gutter services Waterloo. 

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